Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you for visiting us today. If you haven't yet purchased a book or two, we'll try to answer some of the common questions to help you make that decision. If your question doesn't seem to be answered, please go the Contact Us page and send us a message. We promise we'll answer!

  • Who is the Tummy Blaster Book For? The Tummy Blaster is for  anybody who wants to lose weight in a safe, healthy and sustainable manner.
  • The book did not get delivered to my door. Why? The Tummy Blaster is currently an E-Book only. This means that once payment is received you are able to download the e-book to your device.  There is currently no Hard Copy version available. But hey, you can print out the book once you download it. 
  • Are these local recipes or will I have to spend money looking for 'oyinbo' foods?  We assure you that you will find only local foods you are used to eating already. We believe that for weight loss to be sustainable, food must be very localized. 
  • Can a nursing mum use the book? Yes nursing mums can use The Tummy Blaster E-book to lose weight. The recipes are carefully thought out and calorie information are scientifically calibrated. We have included a meal plan specifically designed for nursing mums at the back of the book for you to use.
  • How do I get into the exclusive support group? Once you have downloaded your book, please send us a mail with your name as it appears on Facebook and we'll add you to our Very Exclusive Community (VEC) of Tummy Blasters!
  • Will there be challenges I can participate in?Yes there will be regular challenges taking place in our VEC, so make sure you join in.
  • Can I buy a copy for my friend? Absolutely! That's what friends are for.
  • What should I do if I have questions? Ask us on Facebook via the VEC.